Hubachek Wilderness Research Center | Ely, MN

Spring Activities Update

The HWRC woods are rapidly greening up. The only bare trees now are black ash – always the last to leaf out in the spring. The marsh marigolds are in peak bloom along the Cloquet Line. Peepers, gray tree frogs, and American toads are chorusing at high volume. The warblers are arriving for the Northwoods breeding season, along with the blackflies. Noisy young ravens are getting ready to fledge from their nest in the red pines. Whirligig beetles have just appeared on the lake surface.

Human activity is picking up too. Winterized buildings are up and running for the season. A new well to boost the site's water supply is being planned. There is now an outdoor classroom area in the forest overlooking the lake. Preparations are nearly complete for the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship annual bird-banding sessions starting June 1. The B4WarmED climate change research group is busy collecting data and planting seedlings for their ongoing and upcoming rounds of experimentation.  Requests for new research projects at the HWRC are being accepted.